You Have Time…Be Informed


Contact us today for more information on parenting. 

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, we understand.  Most of us feel unprepared at first.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready to parent.  At Cornerstone we provide all kinds of resources for you to thrive as a parent.  We have everything from pregnancy tests to doula services, diapers and baby clothes to parenting classes.  We can help you get resources to make sure that you have what you need to be a parent.  In fact, many of our services like Parent Cafe and Life EdU classes serve parents with kids of all ages.  Our goal is to get you the help you need to raise your child from conception to adulthood.

Raising kids requires support, and that’s what we provide.  We have a variety of services available, and we can introduce you to other services in the community. There is plenty of support to get you started as a parent, and there are churches and other organizations available to provide community as you step into the journey.

Our culture has not always provided an accurate depiction of parenting.  Movies have a tendency to either idealize parenting, making it seem like the easiest thing anyone ever did, or they make parenting seem like a tireless drudgery.  The truth is that it doesn’t have to be either.  People who raise children tend to describe their lives as more fulfilling.  Parenting is seldom easy, but when we apply healthy principles, parenting ends up being a lot less stressful.  We can’t promise that parenting will be easy, but we can help make it easier and more fulfilling.

Contact us for help getting ready for the birth of your child or for help as you raise the kids you already have.  Some of our preferred services are our free doula help, Life EdU classes, and Parent Cafe.  Contact us for more information.