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Parenting Education is a key tool to your success!

Learn to parent with confidence.

We are here to help you walk through the challenges and joys of pregnancy and to provide for your child.

Studies show that parenting education makes a significant, positive difference for parents and children alike!  A study from Michigan State University confirms what we already knew about parenting education.  This is why you should join our Life Ed U program and earn resources while you learn with parenting education courses.  We have a variety of parenting education classes designed to equip you for any stage of parenting from birth to adulthood. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to join our free parenting education classes.  You can earn vouchers to purchase baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, sleepers, onesies, and much more at our Baby Buck Boutique.  More than that, you will learn life-long parenting skills that will lead to you and your children living the best lives possible.

Most new parents and a lot of seasoned parents second guess their ability to raise children well.  Our courses give you real-life, practical tools for successful parenting. The classes are taught by experienced parents, using a different proven curriculum for each course.  Our classes cover everything from birthing and baby care to effectively training teens for adulthood.  Are you a dad looking for help knowing how to plan for the future?  We’ve got a class for that.  Are you a mother struggling to get your kids to behave?  We have information to help you raise them.

There are some who take our classes out of necessity and others that take our classes simply to gain some valuable knowledge.  In any case, we are here to help.  Use the forms below or contact us to start your course and become the parent that you want to be, so that you can raise kids to be the adults you want them to be.  Don’t believe the lie that the next generation can’t be great.

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