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Parenting Education is a key tool to your success!

Lean to parent with confidence.

We are here to help you walk through the challenges and joys of pregnancy and to provide for your child.

Studies show that parenting education makes a significant, positive difference for parents and children alike!  A study from Michigan State University confirms what we already knew about parenting education.  This is why you should join our Life Ed U program and earn resources while you learn with parenting education courses.  We have a variety of parenting education classes designed to equip you for any stage of parenting from birth to adulthood. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to join our free parenting education classes.  You can earn vouchers to purchase baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, sleepers, onesies, and much more at our Baby Buck Boutique.  More than that, you will learn life-long parenting skills that will lead to you and your children living the best lives possible.

Most new parents and a lot of seasoned parents second guess their ability to raise children well.  Our courses give you real-life, practical tools for successful parenting. The classes are taught by experienced parents, using a different proven curriculum for each course.  Our classes cover everything from birthing and baby care to effectively training teens for adulthood.  Are you a dad looking for help knowing how to plan for the future?  We’ve got a class for that.  Are you a mother struggling to get your kids to behave?  We have information to help you raise them.

There are some who take our classes out of necessity and others that take our classes simply to gain some valuable knowledge.  In any case, we are here to help.  Use the forms below or contact us to start your course and become the parent that you want to be, so that you can raise kids to be the adults you want them to be.  Don’t believe the lie that the next generation can’t be great.

In-Center Parenting Education Classes

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Care
Class Description
Early Pregnancy I 1st Trimester, prenatal care, eating for two, ultrasound appointment
Early Pregnancy II Developing baby, smoking, understanding pregnancy, emotions, safety
Early Pregnancy III Bonding with baby, your changing body
2nd Trimester Pregnancy I Pregnancy during second term, understanding baby’s cry part 1
2nd Trimester Pregnancy II Baby’s secret world, understanding baby’s cry part II, big belly mom hacks
Pregnancy Health Preventing birth defects, prenatal nutrition, managing pregnancy symptoms
3rd Trimester Pregnancy I 3rd Trimester pregnancy, getting ready for your baby
3rd Trimester Pregnancy II Eye contact means love, infant temperament, importance of bonding
Infant Care I: 1-6 months Infant expectations, infant hygiene, simple infant care
Infant Care II: 1-6 months Caring for yourself after childbirth, childhood immunizations
Toddler Care I: 6-12 months Infant nutrition, infant growth
Toddler Care II: 6-12 months Infant cognitive development and learning, toilet training
Early Child Development I 0-6 months: Raising your baby alone, CPR training, save pregnancy
Early Child Development II 0-6 months: Quality childcare, learning through play
Child Development I 6 months and beyond: Food for growth, Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), baby’s development
Child Development II 6 months and beyond: Infant CPR, Shaken Baby Syndrome
Breastfeeding Goals of breastfeeding, techniques of a good latch, getting enough milk, growth spurts and essentials
Breastfeeding and Work Returning to work
Childbirth I Introduction and birthing options, interventions and labor, what to expect, childcare: bring baby home
Childbirth II Breathing techniques, relaxation, massage techniques
Pediatric Care I Managing routine illnesses, pediatric emergencies
Pediatric Care II Managing your child’s safety, routine pediatric illnesses
Pediatric Care III Child safety, car seat safety, sleep (7-9 months), preventing child abuse
Developmental Milestones I Newborn-6 month milestones
Developmental Milestones II 6-12 month milestones
Class Description
Mom’s Club Find connections, support, activities, and resources to help you become the best mom you can be.
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting Parenting children 8 months or older: Learn positive ways to approach communication, cooperation, and discipline.
Parenting is Heart Work Need individual help?  This series is designed as a coaching and problem-solving class.
Boot Camp for New Dads Experienced dads helping dads-to-be learn practical fathering skills.
Fathering in 15 Interactive online parenting class to learn fathering skills – everything from co-parenting to child discipline.
Being a Father
Class Description
The Two Questions F1 Learn the importance of spending effective and healthy time with children
Real Time F1 Relevant time means spending time with your child doing something that is meaningful to them.
Being a Good Role Model F1 Learn the importance of being a good role model to children
Being a Leader F1 Learn how to strengthen your family by leading and listening
Being Consistent F1 Learn how to protect and love your family by being consistently there for them
Respect for Mothers PF1 Learn the importance of treating the mother of your children with respect
The Dad Difference I: Baby Basics PF1 Dad’s vital role in pregnancy; balancing finances, work, and family; postpartum blues; intimacy and caring for mom; breastfeeding benefits; bonding with baby, illness, SIDS; crying baby and Shake Baby Syndrome; coping with frustration
A Discipline Foundation PF2 Learn the ‘big ideas’ of discipline
Discipline Guidelines PF2 Practical guidelines for using discipline in the home
Situational Discipline PF2 Understand the important role of the father in dealing with childhood misbehavior
The Dad Difference II: Involved from the Start PF2 Child development, health and safety; setting limits, frustration; personal goals and support; dealing with your own father; resolving conflict; father-friendly work; shared parenting and long-distance parenting
Toddler Care
Class Description
Beginning Toddler Years I Toddler milestones 12-15 months
Beginning Toddler Years II Toddler milestones15-24 months
Life with Your Toddler I Toddler milestones 24-36 months, toilet training
Life with Your Toddler II Tantrums and whining
Life with Your Toddler III Siblings, sleeping, bedtimes, mornings
Your Growing Toddler I Bonding and time with your toddler
Your Growing Toddler II Importance of words, independence
Your Growing Toddler III Toddler happiness
Caring for Your Toddler I Accidents, safety
Caring for Your Toddler II Toddler illness, nutrition, oral health
Bible Study
Class Description
The Joshua Code Bible Study Discover the power of scripture with emphasis upon the importance of Scripture memorization
Sexual Integrity Learn the Biblical design for sexuality
Life Skills
Class Description
Healthy Habits Personal hygiene and screen time
Depression and Suicide Know the symptoms of depression, know when to seek help, and identify the warning signs of suicide.
Peaceful Living Home health and anger management
Financial Freedom Spending and debt
Credit How to use credit cards and what credit scores are
Financial Planning Budgeting and being prepared for financial emergencies
Career Goals Buying a car and planning a career
Staying Out of Debt Staying out of debt and develop a good financial future
Family Changes Maintain a stable family and support your children throughout change
Manage a Move How to manage a move, new area, new school, new support
Successful Family Living Create a strong family and successful family living
Gear Up and Find That Job How to search for job opportunities
How to Apply for a Job Create a resumé and cover letter, fill out job application
Build Interviewing Skills Build interviewing skills and workplace etiquette.

Online Parenting Education Classes Available

Pregnancy and Birth – Available in Spanish
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Your First Trimester There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens in that first trimester!
Prenatal Care The most important consideration right now is how you can take the best care of yourself and your developing baby. We will discuss prenatal care, what you should expect at your prenatal checkups, and why they are so important to keeping you and your baby healthy.
Eating for Two Both you and your baby need nourishment in order to thrive. We will look at the diet a pregnant mom should consume, what foods are healthy, which ones to avoid, and how to manage those cravings that can drive you crazy!
Your Ultrasound Appointment Medical providers are able to track the development, growth, due date, and overall health of an unborn baby. We will discuss what to expect at an ultrasound appointment and will give an incredible glimpse of your unborn baby’s world.
First Trimester Expectations This class introduces three couples as they figure out how their unplanned pregnancies fit into their lives.
Your Second Trimester We’ll talk about how your body is changing, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your second trimester.
Emotions of Pregnancy This class covers the physiological factors behind pregnancy mood swings and emotions, and all of the other factors that may affect a woman’s thoughts and feelings while she is pregnant.
What is Safe in Pregnancy we will discuss what things are safe and what aren’t to help you have a healthy pregnancy.
Bonding with Your Unborn You can start bonding with your child while he or she is still growing in your womb. Learn about baby’s incredible journey, how you are connected, and explore the incredible masterpiece that is your son or daughter.
Second Trimester Expectations They also find that in their second trimester, they now have more energy, feel less exhausted, and their morning sickness is gone. You will gain some insight about pregnancy from real-life perspectives.
Your Third Trimester We’ll talk about your changing body, what you might be feeling, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your third trimester.
The Final Stretch We will talk about the things in your pregnancy that you need to keep a close eye on, the things you need to prepare for, and how to recognize the important signs of labor.
Unborn Baby’s Secret World Your womb is baby’s classroom, where he or she has begun a lifetime of learning, sampling, accepting, and rejecting - in short the process of growing that will continue throughout her life, from conception on.
Bib Belly Mommy Hacks We will talk about how to overcome some of the more usual challenges and discomforts with some mom-tried and approved tips.
Third Trimester Expectations Third Trimester Expectations completes the story of your final trimester of pregnancy.
Labor Expectations Join three couples as their pregnancies come an end and experience labor and delivery with them as they have their babies.
Getting Ready: Nesting Women in their last month or weeks of pregnancy are often spurred on by bursts of energy, sometimes at a frenzied pace, to get ready for a new baby. We will look at what nesting is, why it happens and examine some safe ways to get your nesting mojo on and when that mojo goes too far.
Preparing for a C-Section We talk about the things you can do to prepare for having a c-section that will make healing and caring for your baby easier. We’ll also talk about the procedure to help you understand what will happen on the big day!
Eye Contact Means Love We will explore the development that is supported and the bonding that is encouraged through the intentional use of up close eye-contact.
Infant Temperament We will look at the different types of temperament and understand the natural differences that can be cherished in each child.
The Importance of Bonding Instruction on both the importance of bonding and good practices to promote bonding between infants and mothers.
Infant Expectations This class will help new mothers know what to expect with their newborn child and equip them to make the transition from pregnancy to parenting a newborn.
Infant Hygiene This class provides standard techniques of care that will help parents to provide for their infant’s day-to-day hygiene needs.
Simple Infant Care This class will provide mothers with information on a variety of less common subjects that are important to the well-being of their child, including how to hold a newborn, techniques for soothing a crying baby, bed sharing, burping, infant walkers, pacifiers, and more.
Caring for Yourself After Birth Learn tips on what to expect after giving birth, and how a postpartum woman can take great care of herself.
Postpartum Depression We’ll take a look at the “baby blues,” postpartum depression, and the difference between them. We’ll also talk about what to do if you have postpartum depression and some helpful tips on how to function at home and how to improve your mood.
Going it Alone We will go through the essential needs of every single mother including the 4 most important: Shelter, Income, Food, and Transportation. Emotional and intellectual needs of both the mother and the child are discussed and advice and help is given to encourage an emotionally healthy family.
At Risk Pregnancies We will look at the different medical conditions that can affect your pregnancy or your health, what to do if you experience concerning symptoms, what symptoms you should always see your medical provider about, and how to get through a complication.
Smoking/Drinking/Drugs We will cover the effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs during pregnancy, how these activities affect your developing baby, your pregnancy, and you.
Shaken Baby Syndrome Learn the three things you need to do to protect your baby and yourself, and what to do if things go too far.
Expecting Twins and More Here are some ways you can prepare yourself during and after pregnancy to making bringing home your little ones that much easier
Breastfeeding: Goals & Benefits Learn the benefits that come with breastfeeding and some helpful techniques. Your goals for breastfeeding and benefits of breastfeeding are discussed.
Breastfeeding: Your Breast Milk Learn about breastmilk and all the nutritional value it provides for your baby.
Breastfeeding: Good Latch Prepare for your first couple of days of breastfeeding. Learn techniques on how to get your baby to latch correctly.
Breastfeeding: Positions This class helps moms understand different breastfeeding positions to better help with feeding their baby. Handling common breastfeeding challenges in the first weeks after birth are covered as well.
Breastfeeding: Your Milk Supply This class gives a better understanding of how supply and demand work when it comes to breastfeeding.
Breast Pumps and Briefcases An absolute must for anyone who plans to pump at work, covering everything you need to know as a working and breastfeeding mom.
Labor 101: Intro and Options You will learn about the possible options and techniques used to handle pain when giving birth as well as learning the benefits and risks that come with each choice.
Labor 101: Interventions & Labor You will learn how to be better prepared and informed on your birth so that there are little to no interventions needed during the labor and delivery process.
Labor 101: Moving Through Labor You will be taken through the process of going through labor and techniques that can help make it easier on you and your body.
Labor 101: What to Expect Mental, physical, and emotional preparation for birth is discussed in this section as well as techniques to help train your body for the physical demands of labor.
Labor 101: Infant Care This touches on the last stage of labor that occurs after delivering your baby. The steps your baby goes through to get all cleaned up and cared for in preparation to go home are covered as well.
First Year – Available in Spanish
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Mommy Work We’ll take a look at how to balance work and family in this class, and how to take great care of yourself!
Being a Super Mom We will give you tips on how to stay organized, on time, meet the needs of your family, and maintain your superhero status!
Car Seat Safety This class will help sort through the choices a parent has when faced with selecting the right car seat, give tips on correctly installing a car seat, and how to correctly use the seat once installed so parents may feel confident their children are traveling safely.
Mommy Nutrition We’ll take a look at what your nutritional needs really are, and how you can easily meet them, with just a little planning.
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse This video answers these questions and takes a close look at what child sexual abuse is, how to teach your children to be safe, how parents can spot potentially unsafe situations for their children, and what you should do if you suspect your child was abused.
Immunizations Explore the truth about vaccines including: The History of Vaccines; How Vaccines are Made; Are Vaccines Safe; Common Ingredients in Vaccines; Do We Really Need Vaccinations; and Immunization Details.
SIDS SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is a scary and confusing subject for most parents. This class will answer questions and help parents have the peace of mind about SIDS as well as a game plan to reduce the risk of SIDS dramatically for their babies. Topics Include Safe Sleep
Newborn Sickness Take a look at the common potential illnesses an infant may get within their first year of life and how to treat them. We’ll look at what should go into your home first aid kit, ways to help prevent or keep from spreading illness, and when you should see your medical provider.
Infant & Child CPR This class instructs parents or caregivers on how to perform choking and CPR procedures on a baby if they have a breathing or cardiac emergency. While this does not replace an accredited CPR class, this video will familiarize a person on these important lifesaving steps.
Infant Nutrition This class looks at the type of nutrients and the balanced diet your baby needs in order to thrive and grow.
Baby on the Move Walk through the developmental milestones that ultimately lead to baby’s first steps. Learn helpful tips to create a safe environment for a baby’s exploration.
Getting Your Baby to Sleep This class will help you through some common sleep challenges, and give you some tips on how to get your baby into a sleep cycle you can live and sleep with!
Crying Learn ways you can soothe your baby and what to do if you can’t stop the crying.
Quality Child Care Choosing childcare that is right for you and your child can be difficult. This class covers the possible problems to look for, what types of care are available, and the questions that should be asked at the facility.
Understanding Your Infant We will talk about understanding your baby’s needs and how they communicate, their personality, and how they learn and grow.
Infant Expectations: 0-3 Months We will talk about what milestones are and the milestones your baby should be hitting by three months.
Infant Expectations: 3-6 Months We will talk about what milestones are and the milestones your baby should be hitting by three months.
Infant Expectations: 6-9 Months We will talk about your baby’s brain development and the milestones you’ll see them hitting by nine months.
Infant Expectations: 9-12 Months We will talk about those milestones your baby will be hit by one year and the things you can do to help your child adjust to their new-found independence.
Baby Language: Dunstan 1 The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the five cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs.
Baby Language: Dunstan 2 In lesson two you will hear from parents and how learning to communicate with their baby has helped them understand their child.
Baby Language: Dunstan 3 In lesson three you will learn what the sounds Eairh and Heh mean.
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Mommy Milestones Get helps to make sense of your toddler’s development, learn what things you can do to help your child hit those milestones, and understand how to nurture your toddler’s good behavior.
Developmental Milestones 12-15 Months This class covers the milestones your child will be hitting between 12 – 15 months, the abilities they will be acquiring as they move toward independence, and when to call your medical provider.
Developmental Milestones 15-18 Months This class covers the milestones your child will be hitting between 15 – 18 months, the abilities they will be acquiring as they move toward independence, and when to call your medical provider.
Developmental Milestones 18-24 Months This class covers the milestones your child will be hitting between 18 – 24 months, the abilities they will be acquiring as they move toward independence, and when to call your medical provider.
Toddler Developmental Milestones 24-36 Months This class covers the milestones your child will be hitting between 24 – 36 months, the abilities they will be acquiring as they move toward independence, and when to call your medical provider.
Potty Training This class shows the basics of potty training, including: How to know when to start potty training; Preparation for the big day; The “how to” of potty training; Rewards and encouragements; Dealing with disappointments; Tips for boys; and Tips for girls.
Tantrums Every parent will experience meltdowns in their children eventually as they move through toddlerhood. This class will answer these questions as well as give a parent some tips on how to cope when the going gets tough.
Whining In this video we’ll look at what causes whining and what you can do to STOP IT!
Siblings This video sheds light on the unique relationship siblings have as they grow up together and work out interpersonal relationships, effective communication, and teamwork that prepare them for adulthood. It will give tips on how to parent your children to build strong bonds, and how to manage sibling rivalry.
Sleeping, Bedtimes, Mornings This class offers solutions for some of the most common sleep challenges a toddler has so that everyone gets a blissful night’s rest
Bonding with Your Toddler We‘ll talk about what it means to bond with your toddler and why it’s crucial for every parent to work at it. We’ll also show you four simple ways to help develop this relationship and some fun things every parent can do to get closer to their toddler.
Time with Toddler We will talk about four important areas to develop in your parenting in order to give you the most impact with the time you have.
The Importance of Words We’ll show you how you can grow your toddler through the power of your words, how to avoid saying the things that tear them down, and what to do when you mess up.
I Can Do It Myself We talk about how you can create a home that allows your toddler to develop the four important qualities they’ll need for independence. And we’ll talk about how you can nurture this spirit of independence in your child.
Toddler Play You may think it’s all just fun and games when you watch a toddler play. But really, many of skills we need to be successful in life are learned in toddlerhood through play. Come along as we journey into the life of a toddler to discover how playing teaches them so much.
Toddler Accidents Look at the many ways a toddler can get hurt, and how your first-aid and loving hugs will save the day!
Toddler Safety In this video we will look at ways you can keep your busy little toddler safe, and what to do in an emergency.
Toddler Illness We’ll look at the more common respiratory, digestive track and skin illness your toddler may get, how to treat them, ways to help prevent illness, and when to call the doctor.
Toddler Nutrition We’ll look at what your tot needs nutritionally, how to teach them good eating habits early on, and how to call a truce and make mealtimes pleasant for everyone.
Toddler Oral Health In this class we will look at why your child’s oral health IS important to their overall health, how to teach them good teeth brushing habits, when to see the dentist, and what to do if your child has a dental problem.
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Parenting Without Shame 1 Series Raise confident kids who understand their value and worth and grow in yours too with Parenting Without Shame!
Parenting Without Shame 2 Series  Learn about the effects of shame and how you can make impactful changes to model healthy behavior for your children in order to shape them rather than shame them.
Parenting Without Shame 3 Series Learn to recognize the shaming response or reaction, and then learn some great strategies for raising your child without shame.
Parenting Without Shame 4 Series In this lesson, learn the core emotions your child needs met, especially unconditional love, in order to develop into mature, healthy adults—and how you do it.
Parenting Without Shame 5 Series Learn the important elements of nurture and how this critical aspect of parenting without shame shapes your child in a positive way over time.
Parenting Without Shame 6 Series Learn about the different types of boundaries, how to nurture them in your child, why they are important to their development and life, and how they impact your child’s wellbeing.
Parenting Without Shame 7 Series Learn why emotional safety is important for kids and the six things you can do to develop that in your child.
Parenting Without Shame 8 Series Learn how to discern between fear and respect, and how you can show respect to your child and earn it back. You will also learn why predictability is important to your child’s security, and how to achieve all of this in this final lesson in the Parenting Without Shame series.
Creating Motivation We’ll give you three basic parenting rules that along with a few goals and expectations will help give your kids the skills they need to have better self-discipline.
Creating Honesty We will talk about why lies happen, how your reactions to lies can in fact encourage them, and what you can do to create an environment of honesty in your home to help your kids choose truth over lies.
Creating Courage This class gives you tips on how to help your children triumph over their fears and become courageous.
Creating Kindness This class gives you tips on finding those teachable moments in everyday life where you can guide your children to choose kindness, and how you can model this value from your own interactions with them to encourage their hearts.
Creating Confidence We will talk about the three things you can do to help create this super-power of confidence in your child
ADHD We will look at what’s true and what’s not about ADHD, four ways you can best support your child and bring peace into your home, and four ways to take great care of yourself when parenting a child with ADHD.
Autism We’ll talk about what autism is and dispel few misconceptions about it. We’ll look at the behaviors that could be a red flag for you. We’ll also talk about how to get the help and support both you and your child need, and the best ways to relate to a child living with autism.
Strong Willed Do you have a child who is a force to be reckoned with? We’ll talk about all of this and how you can guide your child into becoming the next great leader they are destined to be.
Child Anger We will talk about what anger can really mean, and we’ll give you some great strategies for helping your child understand and manage their feelings in healthy ways.
Sexual Behavior and Children We will talk about the common sexual behaviors in childhood from preschool children up to twelve years old, how you should respond to them, and your important role in shaping your child’s healthy attitudes and behaviors towards sex.
Have a New Kid by Friday Monday: Wake Up to Reality Series This session is focused on the parents and evaluating the parenting style that Is used in each home. By taking some positive action and changing things around your home, it will help you become a better parent.
Have a New Kid by Friday Tuesday: Caution: Children Growing Up Here Series The second segment in the “Have A New Kid by Friday” series focuses on the kids and what needs parents need to be meeting. You’ll also learn how to acknowledge things such as their priorities, passions, pressures etc. and help them work on them.
Have a New Kid by Friday Wednesday: Staying Connected to Be Respected Series The third installment in the series talks about how staying connected to your children can help keep that respect and make children feel like the are accepted instead of rejected.
Have a New Kid by Friday Thursday: Check Your Attitude at the Door Series Segment number four is all about attitude. Dr. Kevin Leman discusses on why kids do and don’t misbehave or act out.
Have a New Kid by Friday Friday: The Amazing Race for Self-Esteem Series The last part of the “Have a New Kid by Friday” Dr. Kevin Leman brings out three different ABC’s for self-esteem. Tips on how to make your child feel welcome and have a sense in belonging in your household are given.
Have a New Kid by Friday Funday: Leman Secrets For Enjoying The Journey Series Tips on how you can make every day a Fun-Day with your kids.
Single Parenting and Deployment This class will help parents prepare for the complications that deployment may bring and it will look at specific ways to help you and your children to emotionally, mentally and physically thrive while your service member is away.
Family Unity: Deployment Return The reconnection process after deployment can be difficult and any changes may be difficult to adapt to. In this lesson we will look at positive ways to help you and your children reconnect with your spouse as well as provide support on parenting together during reunification.
The 10 Best Gifts You Will Ever Give Your Kids Value Packed Parenting Series It's never too late to become a better parent.
How to Listen so Kids Will Talk & How to Talk So Kids Will Listen Value Packed Parenting Series Staying tuned in so they don't tune you out.
Discipline Is Not Spelled P-U-N-I-S-H-M-E-N-T Value Packed Parenting Series Why teaching and learning are better than punishment and penalties.
10 Ways to Improve Your Childs Self-Confidence Value Packed Parenting Series A step-by-step plan that works wonders!
Caution: Anger Ahead Value Packed Parenting Series Observe the warning signs before tempers flare.
Birth Order-and What You Need to Know About It Value Packed Parenting Series Recognize your children's differences and turn them Into advantages.
Standing Up to the New Goliath (Technology) Value Packed Parenting Series Help your kids overcome the negative influence of the internet, the media and technology.
One Heart, Two Homes (CoParenting)
Each lesson is created differently for four different client types: Step Dads, Step Moms, Single Dads, Single Moms
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
There is Hope! Single Father, Lesson 1 Single Mother, Lesson 1 Stepfather Lesson 1 Stepmother, Lesson 1 One Heart, Two Homes Series This lesson gives insights into self-care as a single parent and grieving spouse while meeting the challenge of re-defining your family.  Learn about what co-parenting is, is not and what it might be in regard to its impact on children. Explore the question of, “Divorce hurts – will our children be alright?”
Stable Parent, Stable Home Single Father, Lesson 2 Single Mother, Lesson 2 Stepfather Lesson 2 Stepmother, Lesson 2 One Heart, Two Homes Series Learn the good news about post-divorce adjustment and how parents can get to a healthy place in their journey.  Explore how to build your child’s self-esteem.
Co-parent Communication  Single Father, Lesson 3 Single Mother, Lesson 3 Stepfather Lesson 3 Stepmother, Lesson 3 One Heart, Two Homes Series Defining your co-parenting relationship, understanding healthy boundaries and knowing how each category effects your children gives you the power to impact their post-divorce experience.   Learn to use words that foster a sense of “belonging” in the hearts of the children
Meetings & Handoffs Single Father, Lesson 4 Single Mother, Lesson 4 Stepfather Lesson 4 Stepmother, Lesson 4 One Heart, Two Homes Series Handling the hand off in an intentional and positive way will protect children from the possible “flashpoint” these moments can become.
Risks for Children after Divorce Single Father, Lesson 5 Single Mother, Lesson 5 Stepfather Lesson 5 Stepmother, Lesson 5 One Heart, Two Homes Series Explore the importance of being an engaged and on-purpose parent who is well informed about the benefits of minimizing the influence of the negative risk factors of divorce on children.
Holidays, Special Occasions & School  Single Father, Lesson 6 Single Mother, Lesson 6 Stepfather Lesson 6 Stepmother, Lesson 6 One Heart, Two Homes Series Finding ways to make the holidays and special events about your kids’ experience and not about the schedule is challenging, but possible. Practical advice and creative alternatives are suggested to help ease the stress for everyone.
Critical Issues Single Father, Lesson 7 Single Mother, Lesson 7 Stepfather Lesson 7 Stepmother, Lesson 7 One Heart, Two Homes Series Whether single parenting, co-parenting or parenting in a new blended family, finances are always an important “hot topic” to be discussed and processed between parents. Money is emotional but these common sense tips will help keep your finances on track.
Abuse, Addiction & Abandonment  Single Father, Lesson 8 Single Mother, Lesson 8 Stepfather Lesson 8 Stepmother, Lesson 8 One Heart, Two Homes Series The first step in preventing abuse is knowing what it looks like. Learn about dealing with the issues of emotional abuse in relationships and how to navigate the co-parenting pathway safely. This class will walk you through the process of understanding addiction and the risks it poses for children of addicts.
Dating & Remarriage Single Father, Lesson 9 Single Mother, Lesson 9 Stepfather Lesson 9 Stepmother, Lesson 9 One Heart, Two Homes Series Learn to understand the difference in being a single parent or being a single co-parent. That makes all the difference in the world as we explore how and when to introduce dating partners to the children.
Beyond Child Support Single Father, Lesson 10 Single Mother, Lesson 10 Stepfather Lesson 10 Stepmother, Lesson 10 One Heart, Two Homes Series Explore the topics of divorce and its impact on college, coming home for the first time and navigating summer and Christmas once kids become young adults.
Life Skills
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Taking Care of Hygiene We talk about why good hygiene is important, how to do it, and what to do if you struggle with circumstances in life that make it hard for you.
Screen Time and You Is technology improving our lives or is it taking us down a slippery path? In this class we talk about what the REAL problem is and how to enjoy your screen time while taking care of the most important things in life.
Depression Suicide In this class we talk about what depression is, how to know if you’re experiencing it, the warning signs of suicide, and how to get help and manage your depression.
Home Health (housecleaning) We’ll give several habit-forming housekeeping tips so that you can easily maintain your home and have lots of time left over for the other more fun things in your life.
Anger Management In this class we talk about understanding the triggers to your anger and how to handle them in a positive way.
Fighting the Impulse to Spend This class looks at how marketers keep us buying more stuff and spending all of our hard-earned cash before it even hits our bank account. You will learn tips to keep from being manipulated at the checkout line and how not to become a victim in retail marketing wars.
The Monster of Debt This class shows you how YOU can slay the monster of debt.
Credit Cards, Friend or Foe? This class puts credit cards in their proper perspective. And it talks about how if you are in debt or tempted to overspend because of them, then credit cards are just another tool being used to separate you from your hard-earned cash and financial goals!
Financial Emergencies This video looks at how to plan for financial emergencies and what a financial emergency really is.
Budgeting 101 In this class we will look at how to make and maintain a simple budget and plan for most of your expenses so that you can avoid those unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the month.
Credit Scores This class explains what a credit score is, how to maintain a good credit score, and why it might be important, even if you can’t buy a house yet.
Buying a Car In this class, we will look at how to buy a car, pick through needs vs. wants, and how to avoid being taken for a ride.
Career or Job? In this video, we will unpack what it takes to get the future you want, how to divide up the steps to get there, and how to start.
Staying Out of Debt In this class we’ll look at the behaviors and habits it takes to stay out of debt and spend purposefully.
Your Financial Future In this class, we will simplify how to build a healthy financial future, take the confusion out of 401Ks, IRAs, and provide other tips on planning for financial stability.
Helping Children Process Change Change is difficult for children. This class will help you talk through these hard issues with your children. You can learn to help them to process their emotions and to make healthy choices on how they express them.
Family Stability Inside Change This class can guide you and help you understand that change is what it is - but your family can weather it together!
Getting Established This class will help parents support, listen and encourage their children through a difficult transition. It will also prepare parents with a plan of action for getting involved, connected and thriving in a new area.
What is a Family? A family represents more than just parents and children. For your children, it represents a lifelong relationship, a shared history, and a place to go back to.
Successful Family Living In this class we talk about what it takes to create a successful family-life for your children, how you can build rich experiences that shape their character, and the most important things a child needs to build good life skills.
Preparing for the Job – The Hard Truth In this class, we help you take a closer look at yourself—the type of person you are, your habits, your personality, and your motivation—to help you determine the kind of employee you’ll be; the type of job you’ll do well in; and the “why” that will get you up and off to work day after day.
Finding a Job In this class, we will talk about what to look for, where to search, and how to apply for great jobs.
Preparing for the Interview In this class, we will talk about what you can do to prepare well for your interview, including some things you can take care of beforehand, so that you have the best chance at bagging that job!
Love Lessons
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Sex is Awesome Love Lessons Series In this class we talk about the one perfect boundary that keeps sex safe, uncomplicated, and satisfying for you. And this gives you freedom that leads to respect, intimacy, and trust with the one you can safely give your whole heart to.
Pregnancy is Not A Disease Love Lessons Series This class unpacks costs and consequences of sex outside of a mutually exclusive, monogamous relationship. She also shares keys to success and how you can experience love in a way you’ve never experienced before!
STIs Love Lessons Series This class breaks down the different STD/STIs, both viral and bacterial, incurable and curable, and the heavy costs they have on your health, heart, and life.
Character Love Lessons Series This class discusses character, how to be the person you want to attract, how to build integrity, and where it all starts!
Porn Love Lessons Series This class takes a hard look at how porn, sexting, and some dating apps are hurting our relationships and changing our culture.
Your Heart Love Lessons Series This class lays out the plan of hope and healing through stories of women in the Bible who were hurt by their poor choices, and the forgiveness they received from their Savior. Forgiveness and change are yours for the asking.
Protect Yourself Love Lessons Series This class lays out the plan to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually—body, mind, and spirit—so that you can end the years of pain, tears, and struggle when it comes to love.
Special Circumstances
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Healing from Abuse This class gets to the heart of abuse, the damage it creates and the distortion we have of ourselves as a result. It provides some practical tools to turn a wounded heart toward healing and encourages an abuse survivor toward rebuilding her life.
Post Abortion Abortion, while extremely common and legal in our country today, leaves scars and wounds, some physical, some emotional, and some psychological. This class encourages the post-abortive woman that there is healing and forgiveness after abortion.  Please note: Cornerstone offers an Abortion Healing series.  Call the 440-284-1010 ext. # 220 and ask for Sue Marie.
Relationship Loss This class looks at how to cope with loss, the stages of grief, and how to pick up the pieces and start living again.
Domestic Family Violence This class examines family violence and its impact on children. It defines, explains, and suggests prevention, response, and treatment approaches.
Pregnancy Loss This class looks at pregnancy loss, encourages a woman to grieve the loss of her unborn child, and celebrates the precious life she helped create but never got to hold.
Child Abuse This class gives parents the tools they need to stem child abuse and neglect.
Sex and You In this class, we’ll discuss the best ways to minimize the bad effects sex can have, and give the secret to a great sex life
The Heart of the Matter In this class we will look at how sex bonds us physically, emotionally, and spiritually with every sexual partner we have, even if they’re not THE ONE. Well look at what casual sex and constant breakups can do to our future relationships, and what it takes to find the one guy who will stick around through good times and bad.
STD/STI Avoidance In this class, we’ll explore the physical consequences of casual sex, how to truly protect yourself from STI’s, and how to really have great sex!
Choosing Marriage In this class, we will talk about the best way to find the one who will commit to you, promise to love you, and who be there for you no matter what.
Making the Commitment   Commitment and determination, if you stick with it, WILL net you the kind of love you want—the kind that puts you first and keeps you first forever. But commitment isn’t easy. In this class, we’ll explore why it’s important, what it means, and how you do it. We’ll show you a great plan that will get you on the road to a happier life and better sex. You can make the commitment.
Positive Partnerships for Men and Women
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Healthy Boundaries - Men Healthy Boundaries - Women A relationship can only be healthy if each partner understands and practices proper boundaries. This lesson stresses that each person is responsible for their own feelings, actions, and reactions - and they can choose to be in control.
Cohabitation - Men Cohabitation - Women Cohabitation has a serious impact on both men and women. This lesson gives the statistics and helps the client understand the greater impact on themselves and their family.
Making the Marriage Choice - Men Making the Marriage Choice - Women Marriage is not something to take lightly but it is also a wonderful blessing. The lesson stresses the reasons to get married and the reasons why you would want to avoid marriage.
Staying Married – Men Staying Married – Women This lesson is to help those thinking about marriage. It gives them the most basic tools from which they can find help and support to make their marriage healthy.
Single Parenting – Men Single Parenting - Women This lesson helps you understand your responsibilities and gives you tools to be a good single parent.
Being a Father
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
The Two Questions Ask yourself these two questions: What kind of father are you now? And what kind of father do you want to be? In this class, we talk about the things you can do to become a loving father who provides guidance and support—the kind of father your kids need.
Real Time In this class we talk about how to spend REAL time with your kids—time that is Relevant, Expected, Attentive, and Loving so that you can give them the best chance at life.
Being a Role Model This class talks about the parenting style that will yield the best results in your kids and the things you can do to respond better and expect more of your children. And then how to put it all into practice so that you can be best role model for your kids.
Respect for Mothers This lesson walks the father through the weaponized triangle that hurts the children when the mother is attacked. It deals practically and sympathetically to the situations of broken relationships, but it is also clear that attacking a child’s mother is harmful.
Being a Leader In this class we will talk about what it takes to be a good leader, and how you can lead in expectations, challenges, boundaries, listening, and by responding to your children.
Being Consistent In this class, we talk about what it means to be a consistent father and how you do it year after year, so your children will grow up to be the best adults possible.
Discipline Foundation Discipline is not all about punishment. Being a good father that disciplines correctly requires a Strong Hand and a Soft Heart and a Smart Head.
Discipline Guidelines Although parenting is always unique to the child, there are some basic guidelines that will help fathers in their parenting.
Situational Discipline   In every discipline situation a parent must Think, Teach, and Follow Through. This lesson covers practical and realistic responses to tantrums, hitting/fighting/pushing and disobedience. It also talks about behaviors which may be signs of something more that needs to be looked into deeper.
Options Counseling – Available in Spanish
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Pregnancy Options This class looks at both the positives and negatives of the three choices facing you when making a pregnancy decision.
Options Testimonies Covers abortion, adoption and parenting through the testimonies of three different women. Each testimony explores the outcomes of their choices in their own words.
Adoption Story Extended A longer version of the adoption testimony for those who want to hear more.
Abortion Story Extended A longer version of the abortion testimony for those who want to hear more.
Parenting Story Extended A longer version of the parenting testimony for those who want to hear more.
Fetal Development A straightforward explanation of the fetus’ development up to the 10th week after conception.
Suction D & C A doctor explaining the medical procedure of abortion.
Abortion Pills A doctor explaining the medical procedure of abortion.
Dilation & Evacuation A doctor explaining the medical procedure of abortion.
Induction A doctor explaining the medical procedure of abortion.
Bible Study
Class Descriptions from BrightCourse online classes
Offering Our Worst to God Many look great on the outside, living what appear to be pious Christian lives, while struggling with sin on the inside. But God can see through the facades we build and can look into our hearts.
The Painful Truth and Forgiveness Surrender is a hard concept to understand. By admitting defeat to our own striving, and offering up our struggles to God, He begins changing our hearts.
From Sinner to Saint Did you know that God wants you exactly the way you are—the way He created you? And by accepting this and surrendering to Him, He can do the work in you He wants and change your heart.
The Truth Shall Set You Free As Christians we must surrender our natural human responses to life's hurts and disappointments openly and honestly to God.
Surrendering Our Weakness God takes us from hatred and bitterness to His rest and peace. But forgiveness is not about forgiving and forgetting, and it doesn't mean restoration with someone who harmed us. It is about surrendering our hearts to God, the good and the ugly.
Gaining Victory Spiritual maturity doesn't come from our accomplishments, but from recognizing what we are and feel, and from our willingness to surrender it all to God.



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