You Are Not Alone

We are here to help you walk through the challenges and joys of pregnancy and providing for your child.

Join our Life Ed U program and earn while you learn.  Both mothers and fathers are welcome to join our free classes and earn vouchers to purchase baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, sleepers, onesies, and much more at our Baby Buck Boutique.

Classes Available

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Care



Early Pregnancy I

1st Trimester, prenatal care, eating for two, ultrasound appointment

Early Pregnancy II

Developing baby, smoking, understanding pregnancy, emotions, safety

Early Pregnancy III

Bonding with baby, your changing body

2nd Trimester Pregnancy I

Pregnancy during second term, understanding baby’s cry part 1

2nd Trimester Pregnancy II

Baby’s secret world, understanding baby’s cry part II, big belly mom hacks

Pregnancy Health

Preventing birth defects, prenatal nutrition, managing pregnancy symptoms

3rd Trimester Pregnancy I

3rd Trimester pregnancy, getting ready for your baby

3rd Trimester Pregnancy II

Eye contact means love, infant temperament, importance of bonding

Infant Care I: 1-6 months

Infant expectations, infant hygiene, simple infant care

Infant Care II: 1-6 months

Caring for yourself after childbirth, childhood immunizations

Toddler Care I: 6-12 months

Infant nutrition, infant growth

Toddler Care II: 6-12 months

Infant cognitive development and learning, toilet training

Early Child Development I

0-6 months: Raising your baby alone, CPR training, save pregnancy

Early Child Development II

0-6 months: Quality childcare, learning through play

Child Development I

6 months and beyond: Food for growth, Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), baby’s development

Child Development II

6 months and beyond: Infant CPR, Shaken Baby Syndrome


Goals of breastfeeding, techniques of a good latch, getting enough milk, growth spurts and essentials

Breastfeeding and Work

Returning to work

Childbirth I

Introduction and birthing options, interventions and labor, what to expect, childcare: bring baby home

Childbirth II

Breathing techniques, relaxation, massage techniques

Pediatric Care I

Managing routine illnesses, pediatric emergencies

Pediatric Care II

Managing your child’s safety, routine pediatric illnesses

Pediatric Care III

Child safety, car seat safety, sleep (7-9 months), preventing child abuse

Developmental Milestones I

Newborn-6 month milestones

Developmental Milestones II

6-12 month milestones





Mom’s Club

Find connections, support, activities, and resources to help you become the best mom you can be.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

Parenting children 8 months or older: Learn positive ways to approach communication, cooperation, and discipline.

Parenting is Heart Work

Need individual help?  This series is designed as a coaching and problem-solving class.

Boot Camp for New Dads

Experienced dads helping dads-to-be learn practical fathering skills.

Fathering in 15

Interactive online parenting class to learn fathering skills – everything from co-parenting to child discipline.

Practical Fatherhood

Courses coming soon!!!  July 2020


Toddler Care



Beginning Toddler Years I

Toddler milestones 12-15 months

Beginning Toddler Years II

Toddler milestones15-24 months

Life with Your Toddler I

Toddler milestones 24-36 months, toilet training

Life with Your Toddler II

Tantrums and whining

Life with Your Toddler III

Siblings, sleeping, bedtimes, mornings

Your Growing Toddler I

Bonding and time with your toddler

Your Growing Toddler II

Importance of words, independence

Your Growing Toddler III

Toddler happiness

Caring for Your Toddler I

Accidents, safety

Caring for Your Toddler II

Toddler illness, nutrition, oral health

Bible Study



The Joshua Code Bible Study

Discover the power of scripture with emphasis upon the importance of Scripture memorization

Sexual Integrity

Learn the Biblical design for sexuality

Life Skills



Healthy Habits

Personal hygiene and screen time

Depression and Suicide

Toddler milestones 15-24 months

Peaceful Living

Home health and anger management

Financial Freedom

Spending and debt


How to use credit cards and what credit scores are

Financial Planning

Budgeting and being prepared for financial emergencies

Career Goals

Buying a car and planning a career

Staying Out of Debt

Staying out of debt and develop a good financial future

Family Changes

Maintain a stable family and support your children throughout change

Manage a Move

How to manage a move, new area, new school, new support

Successful Family Living

Create a strong family and successful family living

Gear Up and Find That Job

How to search for job opportunities

How to Apply for a Job

Create a resumé and cover letter, fill out job application

Build Interviewing Skills

Build interviewing skills and workplace etiquette.



Let us know how to get in contact with you, and we will put you in touch with resources, supplies for your children, and classes to help you be the best parent you can be.

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