It's OK to say NO!

Everywhere we are told it is go-time for sex.  Television, social media, movies, peers, and partners all portray sex as being fun, liberated, and free from consequences.  So, are there any reasons to wait until marriage for sex?  YES!  There are many reasons to say no.

Pregnancy Reasons

  • Are you ready to care for a baby?
  • Is your partner someone you want to father your child?
  • Will your partner stick around if you become pregnant?
  • Did you know that neither condoms nor birth control protects you 100% from pregnancy?
  • Did you know that tobacco, alcohol, and drug use can injure your unborn child? Do you know how at risk you really are?


  • Did you know that you are 4 times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease than you are of becoming pregnant?
  • Do you know some STDs are contracted by skin contact?
  • Did you know that many STDs are incurable?
  • Did you know that oral sex can transmit STDs?
  • Did you know that many STDs do not have symptoms? You can have one and not know it.Have you had any regret about sexual contact?

Emotional Reasons

  • Have you felt used?
  • Have you ever felt shame connected to sex?
  • Anger?
  • Worthlessness?
  • Depression?
  • Hopelessness?
 As you can see above, there are many good reasons to reserve sex until you are married.

Be prepared to say no.  Practice language so when you feel pressured or tempted you have something to say to protect yourself and stick to your resolve.  Don’t get into compromised situations.   Don’t use alcohol and drugs that impair your good judgment.  Choose wisely and provide for a hopeful, healthy future for yourself and your future family. Have you already made mistakes in this area?  See a doctor and be honest with him or her about the sexual contact you have had.  Decide today to change your lifestyle in this area.  Your past is in the past.  Make a commitment today to wait to have sex until you are married.

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