Navigating the Difficult Journey of Pregnancy Loss

Understanding and Coping With Pregnancy Loss Pregnancy loss, whether it occurs as a miscarriage or stillbirth, is an emotionally devastating experience for many families. Understanding the causes, recognizing the warning signs, and knowing the steps for prevention can help manage … Continued

Navigating Unplanned Pregnancies: How Abstinence Offers a Clear Path

Unplanned pregnancies represent a significant challenge globally, impacting individuals and societies in various ways. While there are numerous methods to prevent such occurrences, this article delves into understanding why abstinence, often overlooked, stands out as a uniquely effective approach. We’ll … Continued

What to do if your Son Gets Someone Pregnant?

As a parent, you receive news and updates from your son on a regular basis. “I got a ‘B’ on the algebra test you helped me study for.” Or, “I made the team! I can’t wait to play this year!” … Continued

How To Talk To The Father Of The Baby

How To Talk To The Father Of The Baby   You have taken the pregnancy test and found yourself to be pregnant. You share the news with your parents. Maybe with a close friend. You need to talk to the … Continued

What To Do If Your Daughter Is Pregnant?

What To Do If Your Daughter Is Pregnant   “I’m pregnant.” Two words you never expected to hear from your teenage daughter. Words that have consequences which will change your relationship with her forever.  Teen pregnancies have been declining in … Continued

The Joys and Rewards of Parenting

Understanding the Benefits: Becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. It brings immense joy, love, and purpose to one’s life. While it’s true that parenting can be challenging at times, the benefits of … Continued

Sexual Risk Avoidance

SRA is the key to a lifelong, healthy, fulfilled sexual life. What You Need To Know: Sexual activity carries a number of risks, including unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and emotional distress. While it’s important to be informed about … Continued